The memorable  places of the Belokuriha health resort
Sanatorium Siberia Sanatorium Katun
avenue of the Manchurian nut Alpine-skiing route
snake skin-well temple Saint Panteleimon
single Pine-tree mountain the Grace of God
Stony necklace Stones
Mountain river Belokuriha river Belokuriha
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The nature

Beautiful and unique The nature of the Altai draws a large quantity of tourists.
Health resort is located in foothills of Altai mountains on height 240-250 it is meter above sea level, in the valley of the mountain river Of belokurikhi.

The southern part health resorta borders by sufficiently high mountains. They are covered with magnificent evergreen coniferous vegetation, on their slopes there are many bushy trees (rowan, bird-cherry, maral'nik), and apexes are crowned by the granite cliffs of whimsical form. Summits, especially during the bright sunny days, are wrapped by light, semi-transparent blue haze. General landscape revives Mountain river Belokuriha with the numerous streams, that rises from on the northern slopes of cyanosis. Upstream Of Belokurikha river narrow valley is converted into the mountain gorge, and to the north it passes to Priobskuya plain.

Climate health resort is characterized by the following special features: with a comparatively high for Siberia average annual temperature of air; by not cold winter, by cool summer and by the warm weather of spring and autumnal months; by predominantly windless (calm) weather, by short-term frost in winter, by the changed frequent thaws; by the constancy of the barometric pressure (no sharp fluctuation), with a large quantity of clear and sunny days in the year. All these favorable climatic conditions contribute to the making more active of the processes of exchange in patients.

mountain Church
mountain Four brothers
mountain round
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